The Tertiary Institutes Allied Staff Association (TIASA Te Hononga) is the professional association and union for allied (non-teaching/general) staff across the New Zealand tertiary education sector. If you work in an allied staff role at any level then TIASA is for you!




Message from the President

Kia ora, Haere mai nau mai – Greetings, and Welcome to TIASA Te Hononga!  We are an excellent choice!  TIASA is the only specialist professional union for allied staff across the NZ tertiary education sector.   From universities, wananga, institutes of technology, polytechnics, private training establishments and other such organisations, allied staff are everywhere and so is TIASA.

Working together we provide a powerful and expert professional voice for allied staff everywhere, no matter how labelled – professional, general, support staff, or other titles.  Formed just on 50 years ago, we are a very active, inclusive and highly effective representative for allied staff.   Our success rate is second to none and we set the standard for fairer pay, recognition and employment conditions across the whole of the sector.  Allied staff are the firm foundation on which the entire sector is built, but too often go under recognised and undervalued.  TIASA’s role is to ensure to the very best of our ability the true worth of the thousands of staff whose work is not teaching delivery, but is just as valuable. We work tirelessly to ensure allied staff everywhere are recognised as truly equal partners and contributors to the success on any measure of our country’s tertiary education system, students, and institutions.

We are a youthful, lively, highly respected and innovative union, constantly looking forward whilst also safeguarding gains made over the many years of our existence.    Our work includes negotiation of the best possible pay and working conditions, expert advice and representation with any employment issues affecting you, and constructive engagement on your behalf with leaders at all levels including government and other key decision makers.  The vast majority of our sector’s allied staff belong to TIASA, giving us strength and influence.  Every new member joining TIASA adds to that strength and influence.  We warmly welcome you to TIASA, your specialist voice for all aspects of your employment and future in the changing NZ tertiary education sector.

Shelley Weir
National President


Unions welcome Labour’s Fiscal Plan

Source: CTU -- The Council of Trade Unions is welcoming the Labour Party’s well thought out, and fully costed, fiscal plan. CTU President Richard Wagstaff comments "It is pleasing to see an allowance to accommodate living wage changes for people working as contractors...

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2020 Budget: Some great initiatives but more needed

Source: CTU -- The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) acknowledges the responsive nature of the Government’s 2020 Budget. There is a necessary need to focus on addressing the significant issues New Zealanders are facing in a COVID-19 world. CTU Economist Andrea Black...

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Celebrating 26 weeks paid parental leave starting

Source: CTU -- Ensuring that babies have time at home with their primary caregivers has always been the goal of the campaign to extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. On July 1st 26 weeks of paid parental leave starts. "This campaign has been successful because of...

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Historic meeting at TIASA National Office

Kia ora katoa Yesterday Stephen Town , Inaugural Chief Executive of the new NZIST that came into effect on 1 April this year, met personally with  TIASA’s national officers at the TIASA national office in Rotorua.( Above:  Stephen with TIASA National President Shelley...

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Stephen Town starts as inaugural Chief Executive

Stephen Town commenced in his position as Inaugural Chief Executive, NZIST on Monday 6th July with a Powhiri at Wintec’s Te Kopu Mania o Kirikiriroa Marae in Hamilton, NZIST Chairman Murray Strong, spoke  for all stakeholders when welcoming Stephen into the role....

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CTU take on Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update

Source: CTU -- The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) was in today’s official lockup for the Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update (PREFU). "It’s clear that the government’s strategy to make large scale investment in the wake of COVID has successfully cushioned the blow...

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