Who we are, what we do and why we do it

TIASA Te Hononga is the major professional staff association and union representing most allied (non-teaching) staff employed across the NZ tertiary Institute, Polytechnic sector and Whare Wananga.
Our members come from Institutes of Technology, Polytechnics, Wananga, and some Universities.

A wide and diverse range of occupations performing vital functions at every level are represented at TIASA, including but not limited to:

  • Administrators
  • Technicians
  • IT & computing
  • Managers
  • Finance & accounts
  • Careers advisors
  • Payroll & HR
  • Trades technical support
  • Counsellors
  • Pastoral Care
  • School & Maori Liaison
  • Marketing
  • Front line operations
  • Reprographic
  • Personal Assistants & secretaries
  • Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders
  • Security & grounds
  • Cleaners
  • Liaison, coordination & other
  • Librarians, learning support & facilitators
  • International & other student advisors
  • and many other groups and occupations across the NZ tertiary education sector.

Our members hold a wide range of professional and technical qualifications, from advanced degrees through to vocationally specific certificates and/or recognition. They are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise across the private and State sectors, and together embody a depth of institutional, governance, managerial and administrative expertise and experience that is unmatched.

TIASA has been a key, respected, active stakeholder in the sector for almost 50 years.   From the Polytechnic/ITP sector’s inception as an initial adjunct to the secondary education sector, through to its evolution into the increasingly sophisticated tertiary education deliverer that it is today, TIASA has been a key player in the many changes throughout that period and a key actor throughout those many changes.

Throughout the almost 50 years of our existence, TIASA has adopted a realistic, co- operative and responsible approach to the many changes within the sector.  During periods of change, we make special effort to work constructively with all stakeholders in our sector and have gained a reputation for being progressive, constructive and innovative.

Our Objectives include development of policies and initiation of changes that advance the human, social, economic, cultural, educational and technological advancement of our members and workers generally; their families; and the wider community.


Our history is a proud one, with an enviable record of success working to protect and improve the workplace environment and professional interests of TIASA members everywhere. We were formed by and for tertiary education sector allied staff, who back in 1969 recognised the need for a dedicated, expert allied staff voice that understood, could protect and would enhance allied staff conditions of employment, role and profile.