Source: CTU

The union movement wholeheartedly backs the Greens’ three point plan released yesterday to support essential workers with real say in their work and decent incomes.

CTU President Richard Wagstaff says the plan will be a great way for the government to recognise the incredible effort essential workers have put in to keep us all safe. “The COVID crisis has shown us all just how important many low-income essential workers are to our communities and our society.”

“The least we can do as a nation is make sure that these working people have secure and well-paid employment so they can look after themselves and their families.”

The Green’s plan represents three simple things that the Government can do to make life better for the people we rely on so much.

“Fair Pay Agreements need to be brought in much more quickly because they give our security guards a real say in their safety at work and to stop our supermarket workers’ wages being suppressed by firms competing on wages not value.”

“A living wage is a no-brainer, because right now, too many of the people who have cared for our sick and elderly during this crisis and put their own family bubbles on the line to do so are not getting paid enough to support their families.”

“Socially responsible government procurement is also vital, we’re going to see the Government play a much bigger role in supporting our economy in the near future. That money needs to support employers who do right by people and their communities and the environment. We’ve seen from the wage subsidy rip-offs that business won’t always make that choice for themselves”

“These are all things this Government has talked about, some of these things are already in train but taking longer than hoped. If the COVID crisis has taught us anything, it us that action speaks louder than words. It’s time to act on this plan.”


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Richard Wagstaff, CTU President