Source: CTU

Today’s release of the Health and Disability System review led by Heather Simpson is welcomed by the Council of Trade Unions.

“Our health system needs to change to ensure that New Zealanders get the care they need, when they need it,” CTU President Richard Wagstaff said. “This report has shone a clear light on some challenges that our public health system needs to address.”

The report rightly addresses the centrality of the workforce as a critical issue in health care delivery and acknowledges that the workforce is hard working and highly skilled, but a workforce under stress and pressure.

“The development of a workforce plan which is future focused, this is something that the health workforce has been calling for a long time. Developing a 10 – 15 year strategy is welcomed.”

“It is excellent to see that there is a focus on retaining and strengthening the tripartite arrangements in currently in place so that working people, their unions and the employers can work together on change. This model of tripartism can be tremendously effective”.

“And the focus on improving the employment practices for workers who are employed by contractors is very important. Specific mention of encouraging more secure employment, particularly for workforces involved in home based services, disability support and other outreach services is long overdue.”

“It is note worthy that the review acknowledges the underfunding of the health system and makes recommendations including change in legislation for a funding formula that accounts for population to reflect changing needs and costs. This could correct some of the problems that have frustrated the health system over decades,” Wagstaff said.


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