Source: CTU

All around the world working people are united in the shared experiences of dealing with the COVID-19 virus. “For many working working people, this is period of stress, uncertainty and worry,” CTU President Wagstaff said.

“Everyone who wants a job should have a good job. It is a fundamental aspect of wellness and should always be a top priority for any successful society. We urge the Government to do everything possible to avoid large scale unemployment of working New Zealanders.”

“In New Zealand May Day obviously coincides with the first week many working people have returned to their places of work. We have received hundreds of complaints about health and safety concerns. Everyone should feel safe at work. Everyone. Regardless of occupation or industry.”

“We have the chance to change things for the better as we create a new future for New Zealand. A future where working people and their families take priority over profit margins. The path forward can be wide enough to support everyone, this can be achieved if we all share more equally.”

“A fundamental component of creating a more equal society is one where working people have more influence and power at work. This is achieved though people working together in union.”

“This May Day we celebrate working people and encourage everyone to stand together for a better working future,” Wagstaff said.


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Richard Wagstaff, CTU President