Te Hononga Māori is a national committee of TIASA and was established in 1995, initially as Komiti Māori, then in 2005, re-named to Te Hononga Māori.

Te Hononga Māori:

  • represents Māori members within the union; and
  • ensures the union meets its responsibilities to safeguard the rights of Māori members through the promotion of and adherence to Te Tiriti o Waitangi by supporting Māori staff in achieving their objectives within TIASA, the tertiary sector and the broader union movement.

Te Hononga Māori offers guidance and advice to TIASA on issues of significant importance to Māori, including those issues relating to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Employment Agreements, and policy.


Te Hononga Māori will consist of the Kaumatua, Kuia, Kaituhono and other Māori full members (up to a maximum of 8) so that it is representative of Māori in the Association.


The Kaituhono shall represent the views of Māori members of the Association at National level:

  • be a spokesperson for the Association on issues concerning Māori;
  • ensure that the Association’s policies and communications reflect the needs of Māori members;
  • give a Māori perspective and analysis on all Association matters.


Te Hononga Māori will meet annually (Hui-A-Tau). In Conference year, Te Hononga Māori will meet prior to Biennial Conference, and through the National Executive, will announce the Association’s Kaumatua and Kuia at the Association’s Conference.

Hui-A-Tau will be the mechanism for Māori members to nominate and confirm TIASA’s Kaumatua, Kuia and Kaituhono. These nominations and confirmations will be announced at Biennial Conference for ratification.


  • 1994 – National Māori Representative role established
  • 1995 – TIASA Kaumatua role formalised. Komiti Māori Structure formalised
  • 1996 – Professor Hirini Melbourne writes and gifts TIASA Waiata “Piri Mai Hono Mai”. Click here to play the TIASA Waiataand then Click here to read the words of the TIASA Waiata
  • 1996-1997 – “Te Hononga” our Māori name gifted to us by Professor Wharehuia Milroy
  • 2000 – TIASA Kuia role formalised
  • 2005 – Kaituhono name selected for National Māori Representative. Komiti Māori renamed Te Hononga Māori.


Te Hononga Māori National Komiti:


Kaituhono:  Nippy Paea  – PAEA Titihuia (Nippy) Nippy.Paea@manukau.ac.nz

Te Hononga Māori current membership will be updated shortly