Source: CTU

The Council of Trade Unions is welcoming the Labour Party’s well thought out, and fully costed, fiscal plan.

CTU President Richard Wagstaff comments “It is pleasing to see an allowance to accommodate living wage changes for people working as contractors in the public service. This commitment to ensuring the living wage is paid demonstrates real leadership. It is also very pleasing to see new initiatives in education and increased spending on health.”

“Increasing the abatement levels for people on benefits allows for working people to keep more of what they earn, before it impacting on their benefit is a good thing. It shows that Labour has been listening and is responsive to the employment challenges which thousands of New Zealanders are experiencing in a COVID-19 world. Reintroducing the training incentive allowance is one of the solutions to ensuring rebuild better. It’s good that a comfortable buffer, to allow for cost pressures, has been built into Labour’s fiscal plan. This is both responsible and necessary.”

“Of course there is still more for Labour to do. There is a large social deficit in New Zealand. We need concerted leadership to address our low wage high rent economy.”

“When it comes to debt (including allowing for New Zealand Super fund) at PREFU predicted to peak under 37% of GDP. There are things that need to be actioned; increase and individualise benefits as per Welfare Expert Advisory Group (WEAG), raise thresholds and reduce abatement for Working for Families, and accelerate the building of affordable rentals so everyone can have warm dry home without breaking the bank.”

“We expected a well thought out, fact checked, comprehensive fiscal plan from the Labour Party – they have delivered,” Wagstaff said.


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Richard Wagstaff, CTU President